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This production company hold's the trademark for the logo as well as the name of any show produced by FIREFOXNEWS ONLINE™ PRODUCTIONS (and under the original production company name SINZER INTERNATIONAL Productions which became FIREFOXNEWS ONLINE™ Productions).

Any and all shows produced by FIREFOXNEWS ONLINE™ Productions are all protected under copyright as well as any and all songs sung by the owner of this production company, the following is a list of the show's under copyright protection either under the name George Sinzer and/or FIREFOXNEWS ONLINE™ Productions:





All audio and video's created by FIREFOXNEWS ONLINE™ Productions (and the owner George Sinzer) that are posted to youtube.com under the name FIREFOXNEWS ONLINE™ are all protected under copyright associated with FIREFOXNEWS ONLINE™ Productions.

Any re-posting of any audio and video produced by either FIREFOXNEWS ONLINE™ Productions or its former company name SINZER INTERNATIONAL Productions is the property of FIREFOXNEWS ONLINE™ Productions and the owner of the production company George Sinzer and unless granted permission to do so MUST REMOVE said audio and video property at once or face criminal prosecution under the law.

FIREFOXNEWS ONLINE™ Productions produces all FIREFOXNEWS ONLINE™ broadcasts on Blog Talk Radio and simulcasting on and using the chat room on Mixlr, on other audio locations, we have a video production on either YouTube, USTREAM and Vaughn LIVE (or all 3 if possible) when ever something big happens.  FIREFOXNEWS ONLINE™ since January 4Th, 2008 has been a powerful force in the online radio world and as a force in the alternative media.  The broadcasts airs every Monday thru Thursday 9PM ET/6PM PT.


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