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This production company hold's the trademark for the logo as well as the name of any show produced by FIREFOXNEWS ONLINE™ PRODUCTIONS (and under the original production company name SINZER INTERNATIONAL PRODUCTIONS which became FIREFOXNEWS ONLINE™ PRODUCTIONS).

Any and all shows produced by FIREFOXNEWS ONLINE™ PRODUCTIONS are all protected under copyright as well as any and all songs sung by the owner of this production company, the following is a list of the show's under copyright protection either under the name George Sinzer and/or FIREFOXNEWS ONLINE™ PRODUCTIONS:





All video's created by FIREFOXNEWS ONLINE™ PRODUCTIONS (and the owner George Sinzer) that are posted to under the name FIREFOXNEWS ONLINE™ are also protected under copyright.

Any re-posting of any video produced by either FIREFOXNEWS ONLINE™ PRODUCTIONS or SINZER INTERNATIONAL PRODUCTIONS is the property of them and the owner of this production company George Sinzer and unless given permission to do so MUST REMOVE said video's at once or face criminal prosecution under the law.

From time to time we may use audio and video clips, in doing so it is in accordance with the United States copyright laws (see the following paragraph).

Fair Use Clause

The use of media materials is protected by the Fair Use Clause of the U.S. Copyright Act of 1976 which allows for the rebroadcast of copyrighted materials for the purposes of commentary, criticism and education.

FIREFOXNEWS ONLINE™ PRODUCTIONS is the company that produces all FIREFOXNEWS ONLINE™ broadcasts on Blog Talk Radio which since January 4Th, 2008 has been a powerful force in the online radio world.  The broadcasts air every Friday at 10PM ET/7PM PT and on Saturday, Sunday and Monday at 9PM ET/6PM PT.

About the owner:

George Sinzer was born April 22, 1963 to William H. Sinzer Jr. and Rose Marie (Wilson) Sinzer, George has 3 siblings; Bill, Louise and Stephanie.  George was in recent years a Soldier of the New York Guard (once called a State Militia, but such are now called State Defense Forces) as a Military Police Officer, reached the rank of Sergeant (E-5) while serving and near the end of his enlistment he cared for his mother until her passing on June 24Th, 2010.

George created FIREFOXNEWS ONLINE™ PRODUCTIONS and FIREFOXNEWS ONLINE™ on January 4Th, 2008 after feeling the need to once more become a broadcaster (in the early 1990's George was a Public Access Cable TV Producer/Host and where he produced under the then production company SINZER INTERNATIONAL PRODUCTIONS and his show titled SINZER REPORTS) and did o.k. but the show was plagued by prank caller's (mostly on the part of his crew in the control room) and he was forced to end the show after nearly 3 years on cable TV.

Today he is the Owner/Executive Producer & Host of FIREFOXNEWS ONLINE™ PRODUCTIONS & FIREFOXNEWS ONLINE™

With so many years on the air George has enjoyed being part of something bigger than himself and loves doing the broadcasts and as needed he uploads podcasts as well.  Coming soon FIREFOXNEWS ONLINE™ hopefully will start broadcasting a daytime show and if possible from different locations; this is to bring with hope more listeners to the bhroadcast.

George also offers to anyone wishing to hire him for this, voice over talents.  For radio spots, PSA's, animation and more.  If you are a major radio, TV or a company looking for a Voice Over Artist, contact George today.  E-Mail George today for more information regarding this click on the Q.R. Code or you can send your email via your smart phone by scanning the provided Q.R. code:


And for all you businesses out there who would like to hire George Sinzer, as a Voice Over Artist, cash, check or payment using a major credit card, FIREFOXNEWS ONLINE™ PRODUCTIONS accepts the following Credit/Debit Cards:

Visa, American Express, MasterCard and Discover...  And we can take your credit card payment using our smart phone system...


If you would like to listen to many of the archived show's using your smart phone; go to the show's site clicking the QR Code below, or from your smart phone scan this QR Code to access the Official website page from which the show is broadcast:


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